The Abandoned Pup: A Tale of Hope and Rescue

It’s difficult to understand the lack of empathy people have towards animals, especially those who own pets themselves. Unfortunately, stories of mistreated and neglected dogs are still common, with an RSPCA shelter in Leicester, England gaining attention in March for yet another heartbreaking case.

Staff at the Woodside Animal Shelter were shocked when they arrived at work one Wednesday in March and found a dog tied to their front gate. The identity of the person who left her there and how long she had been without food and water was unknown, though it seemed to be just for one evening.

The adorable dog eagerly awaited someone to find her and was overjoyed when she was finally rescued. A shelter spokesperson described her as standing with her head poking between the fence bars, her ears back and big, brown puppy eyes filled with gratitude.

Misty had faced many challenges before finding her way to the rescue center. When she first arrived, she was visibly underweight, with her ribs visible beneath her skin. She also had wounds on her nose and a skin condition that needed immediate attention.

Misty, the rescued Staffordshire Bull Terrier, had a microchip that led rescuers to contact her supposed owners, only to discover she had been rehomed years ago with no further information on her current situation or how she ended up abandoned. Abandoning animals is a serious offense in England under the Animal Welfare Act. Woodside Animal Center, where Misty was found, has launched an investigation and reached out on Facebook for any information on her previous owners.

The RSPCA is handling Misty’s case as a criminal matter and she is receiving specialized care at Woodside to ensure her physical and mental well-being. An update in March confirmed that Misty is progressing well and will be up for adoption once she is ready.

In June, she became available for adoption once the lockdown restrictions were lifted in England, and she quickly found her forever home with a couple who are excited to provide her with a loving life. The shelter shared the exciting news and included a photo of Misty with her new family: “Our lovable pup said goodbye to kennel life last week! After being abandoned at our shelter earlier this year, Misty was part of an RSPCA investigation. With her case resolved during the lockdown, Misty was finally able to start her search for a permanent home. We received a lot of interest in Misty, and we are overjoyed that so many of you opened your hearts and homes to our sweet girl.”

Misty’s recent adoption by Jane Wingfield has brought relief to concerned animal enthusiasts, as Jane shared a photo and status update of the dog to assure everyone that she is adjusting happily. Jane expressed her joy at becoming Misty’s new parent, mentioning how adorable Misty is and how well she has adapted to her new home. It’s heartwarming to see Misty thriving in her new environment – we couldn’t be happier for her!

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