Rejected for Her Unseemly Scabies and Takes Shelter beneath a Car Tire in the Freezing Cold.

It was reported that she found solace in the tire of a car, where she sleeps and hides from the cold.
The locals’ responses are varied; some send her food so she can survive, while others shoo her away from their doorstep because, as they say, she is mangy and sick.

“Some of her wounds are already bleeding; her chances of surviving the upcoming cold days on the street are nonexistent in her current condition.”
“She is a kind and quiet girl, all she wanted was peace and enough food to survive, as if her body was telling her: ‘I’m so cold.’ She is looking for her place in the world… a place where she will never be cold or hungry again.”

This poor soul had been suffering for a long time, ignored by many in the area, and it seemed like no one felt any compassion for her. Is this the usual way for all of you?
Finally, a kind-hearted soul found her; she will never go hungry again as he took her with him.
“She will never lack love again, from me and all of my rescued dogs that I have taken in from the streets until they find a home,” said her savior, Fahrudin Caki Bravo.

She called it Neve and slept like a baby after enjoying a nice dinner and a hot bath.

The next day, he took her to the vet, where they prescribed antibiotics and coconut oil therapy to prevent her skin from peeling; she also has anemia.

After more than 80 days, she blossomed into a friendly little pup who adores all other kind creatures. Neve loves cats, as well as all other dogs, and enjoys playing with them.

Neve is a loving dog who knows how to give and receive love.

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