Trapped by Chains: A Staircase’s Tale of Restraint and Longing

While some individuals cherish their pets as part of the family, others, sadly, subject them to abandonment and poor circumstances. Unfortunately, Libre endured the latter.
The four-year-old guard dog of an abandoned house in Cagua, Venezuela, was tethered day and night without food or water. The thick chain around his neck hindered his breathing, and it was so short that he couldn’t even lay down.

Luckily, her misery finally came to an end when concerned neighbors noticed how her owner was mistreating her and quickly reported him to the police and the local animal shelter.

When the rescuers arrived, Libre was hungry and happily ate all the food they provided her.
They removed the chain to reveal the raw flesh around her neck, which was damaged from years of hanging from the tight metal chain around her neck. They treated her wound and provided her with proper medical care.

Libre is now fully embracing life and feeling incredibly thankful for the chance to start anew.

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