Three-Legged Dog Mourns His Friends by Laying at Their Gravesites


It’s amazing how emotional smart dogs can be. They can establish real love bonds with humans and other animals – When a loved one dies, they seem to understand.

Dogs, like humans, can go through their own grieving process. This was the case of a dog, who showed his loyalty by visiting the graves of his friends every day after their death.

Tricycle, a three-legged golden retriever rescue, resides at the Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary in Mineral Bluff, Georgia.

Tricycle has always had enough other animals to make friends with while living at the farm sanctuary. Dogs, llamas and alpacas are among the special needs animals accepted by the organization.

Major, a St. Bernard/mastiff mix, was one of the first animals he became attached to.

Major passed away in 2016 and Tricycle seemed saddened.

Major, like all other rescuers of deceased animals, was buried on the farm and received his own cemetery tombstone. However, after burying him, the rescuers discovered something unusual: Tricycle would remain at the funeral, grieving


He kept coming for about three days, and his owners understood that he was in distress.

“Like many of us, there is a feeling of loss that we all have to overcome,” the owner of the sanctuary, Lester Aradi, told People. “Animals, like humans, suffer a loss.”

Tricycle was observed crying for all the animals that died, revealing that it was not simply a special bond he had with Major.

Trixie, an alpaca, died recently and the dog was near his grave.

It is a touching story about how authentic animal love can be and how dogs, like humans, can experience complicated emotions.

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