The Unbreakable Bond: A Dog’s Touching Refusal to Part Ways with Their Rescuer

A frightened 4-month-old puppy trembled in a cage, witnessing a butcher heartlessly slaughtering dogs for their meat. The sounds of howls of pain filled the air, sending chills down Sanie’s spine. She knew her turn would come soon. However, a sudden event occurred that would alter the path of her life forever.

Michael Chour, the founder of The Sound of Animals, a charity that saves dogs from being slaughtered for meat in Southeast Asia, visited a slaughterhouse in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. There, he discovered Sanie and two other dogs locked up.

Chour attempted to convince the owner to hand over all three dogs, promising him it would lead to good karma. Unfortunately, the owner declined, stating that the other two dogs had already been sold. Despite this, he did allow Chour to take Sanie with him.

Chour noticed Sanie’s scared expression and decided to join her inside the cage to help her feel comfortable. He explained to The Dodo, “She was growling and trembling, but I let her sniff my hand and approached her slowly.” As Chour gently petted Sanie’s head, she seemed unsure if he was going to harm her. However, Chour remained calm and spoke softly to reassure her that she was safe. Surprisingly, Sanie seemed to understand, allowing Chour to pick her up and support her under her belly.

Chour remembered how Sanie was still scared when he exited the cage, her eyes fixed on the butcher. But as he turned away from the butcher, she immediately cuddled up close to him, seeking comfort by burying her head next to his. From that moment on, Sanie wanted to be in Chour’s presence as much as possible. Chour shared how Sanie was constantly clinging to him, not even wanting to let go when he tried to take her to the vet and place her on the ground.

Chour is convinced that Sanie had a place to call home in Cambodia before she was snatched from her family’s property and sent off to the slaughterhouse. Despite his doubts about finding Sanie’s previous owner, Chour has made a vow to protect her and help her find a new loving home.

According to Chour, Sanie is aware of the fact that he rescued her and can feel the love and care he provides. Chour believes that dogs like Sanie are smart creatures who can understand their surroundings and the actions of those around them.

After a vet check-up, Chour brought Sanie back to Blue Dream shelter, where she would join other dogs saved from the meat trade. “I’ve got a buddy named Bear waiting for her there,” Chour shared. “He’s a rescue too, and he’ll show her how to love and trust.” Chour is looking forward to the day when Sanie will be adopted by a family in Europe. “We sent two dogs to England recently, and they’re living the good life now,” he said. “Their happiness knows no bounds.”

Although Sanie is out of danger, Chour intends to keep saving dogs from the cruel meat trade. Living in Thailand, Chour often travels to Cambodia to provide assistance to these animals. “I spent five days in Cambodia observing and trying to bring to light the harsh reality,” Chour shared. “I felt really down on the journey back, but Sanie has inspired me to keep fighting.”

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