The Plea of a Desperate Mother Dog on an Abandoned Forest Path

Ashley Boggs has dedicated her life to saving dogs, a passion that drives her every day. During one fateful trip down a quiet road in rural Puerto Rico, she encountered a sight that tugged at her heartstrings. Amidst the backdrop of stray dogs blending into the scenery, a desperate, brown dog caught her attention with its unusual behavior.

Unlike the typical strays that would retreat into hiding or wander aimlessly, this particular dog seemed to be desperately trying to communicate with Boggs. It was as if the dog had a pressing request, a plea for help that only Boggs could decipher.

Ashley came across a dog on her way out of the car, only to realize that it was a distressed nursing mother desperately seeking help for her puppies. This poor dog had been left all alone in the woods, with no access to food or water, struggling to protect and provide for her family. Fortunately, Boggs, a compassionate resident of New York and a member of the Miracles for Satos Rescue organization, arrived just in the nick of time to lend a helping hand and offer salvation.

There were two extra puppies taking refuge in the remote spot, along with the mother dog, who was eventually named Goji. The three of them got along right away, and Boggs easily managed to get them into her car. After hearing more puppy cries coming from the forested area, she decided to go back and investigate further. Eventually, Boggs found four more puppies hiding near the crate where they were left behind. With unwavering determination, this kind-hearted volunteer worked tirelessly until she was able to fit all seven of them in the back of her car. The Berry family saved on time.

Boggs and the rest of the team ensured that this homeless family received the necessary support once she had safely transported them to the clinic. They were all in need of nourishment and a fresh start, and fortunately, both of these needs were met!

The puppies were incredibly lucky to be discovered by Boggs, who is a member of Miracles for Satos Rescue, an organization that specializes in rescuing and relocating dogs from Puerto Rico to New York in order to find them permanent homes. Fortunately, all of the puppies were taken in by a foster home where they had the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and learn basic puppy etiquette. Goji, the mother of the puppies, was an extremely devoted dog and had no trouble adjusting to their new environment. In fact, she was described as the most loving dog ever, spreading her affection to every dog and person she encountered. According to a post on the MFSR team’s Facebook page, Goji also had a talent for performing tricks in exchange for treats, and she particularly enjoyed receiving pats and cuddles.

The remaining puppies we found were named Raspberry, Blueberry, Gooseberry, Cloudberry, Blackberry, and Strawberry, after the delicious berries we stumbled upon in the bushes. The MFSR team thought it was a fitting tribute to their natural environment. It marked the beginning of a fresh and exciting journey for these adorable pups.

Goji had finally reached a destination where she no longer had to worry about her family’s safety. She was able to relax, knowing that she was in good hands with her caregivers. She became known as the kindest child, always striving to bring a smile to everyone she encountered.

One of Goji’s favorite activities was going for walks, but nothing compared to the joy she felt when sitting on her favorite person’s lap. It was clear to everyone that Goji was a beloved volunteer, as she was an absolute sweetheart who brought happiness to the world every day, according to the MFSR (Missing Family Search and Rescue).

Not long after their rescue, the Berry family found their forever homes, bringing immense happiness to both them and their new families. These adorable furry creatures, once abandoned and left to fend for themselves in the wilderness, are now relishing in their new lives with loving families.

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