The Distressed Mother Dog, Covered in Blood, Gives Her All to Shield and Lead Her Puppies Out of the Den.

This mother dog was doing her best to take care of her puppies in her only home, a garbage-filled well next to a business in Udaipur, India. When the neighboring merchants noticed that she had injured herself on broken glass and was bleeding from her hind leg, they called Animal Aid Unlimited to ask for help. Despite her obvious discomfort, the mother dog started wagging her tail as soon as she saw the animal ambulance arrive.

She even got up to greet them. Perhaps the mother dog sensed that these individuals were there to lend a hand, as she didn’t exhibit fear, only gratitude.

Animal Aid transported her back to their shelter, where they tended to her injured hind leg and took care of her and her puppies. Nestling onto a cozy bed must have been such a relief after sleeping on shattered glass and empty cans.

While Animal Aid took care of the mother dog and her puppies, some of the employees decided to give their small shelter next to the store a much-needed makeover. They cleared out the trash, put in a new floor, and covered it with mats to make it more comfortable.

Afterwards, it was time to take the mother dog back to her home next to the store. Animal Aid highlighted on their Facebook page that in India, there are millions of stray animals with no owners and hardly anyone to adopt them.

Afterwards, Animal Aid returned her to the place where she had been staying, along with her nursing puppies (and a few large bags of food). There are countless dogs like her who will never have a permanent home, but fortunately, there are individuals out there fighting to provide them with the best life they can have.

“We ensured that the merchants fully immersed themselves in this exhilarating effort and vowed to make sure she had clean bedding, feed her and her growing angels, and, of course, alert us immediately if she or her children ever needed our assistance again.” Animal Aid revealed on Facebook.
You can watch the complete video here:
But in order for you to witness where all this bliss originates from, it’s worth the time, the price, and the reverence. But so you can see where all this time, price, and pleasure comes from, the arch is born.

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