On this day, as I celebrate my birthday, I find myself without any heartfelt well-wishes thus far.

Birthday is a special occasion for many people. It is a time when friends, family and loved ones come together to celebrate and show their appreciation for the birthday person. However, sometimes expectations can lead to disappointment, as in the case of someone who, despite eagerly awaiting the good wishes of those around him, finds himself in the emptiness of not receiving any.


Imagine the situation of Sofía, an enthusiastic young woman who has been waiting in anticipation for her birthday to arrive. For weeks, she has been planning how to celebrate, thinking about the surprises she could receive and the loving messages that will fill her day with joy. But as the day progresses, she realizes with disappointment that no birthday messages have arrived in her phone or mailbox.

Sofia feels discouraged. She tries to distract herself with other activities, but the emptiness persists. She wonders if someone has forgotten her birthday or if she just doesn’t matter to anyone. Her thoughts become dark and full of sadness. Isn’t he important to anyone in her life?

As the day progresses, the feeling of loneliness intensifies. Every time she checks her phone for messages, she becomes more disappointed to see that there is nothing new. She tries to convince herself that she doesn’t care, but the truth is that her silence weighs on her like a stone.

As time goes by, Sofía begins to question her relationships. Does she really have close friends? Has her family forgotten her? These questions plague her as she struggles to maintain her composure in front of others. She doesn’t want to let anyone notice her pain, but inside she feels devastated.

Finally, as the day comes to an end and the lights go out, Sofia finds herself alone in her room, with tears in her eyes. She feels misunderstood and unappreciated, wondering what she did wrong to deserve this treatment. Doesn’t she deserve love and appreciation on her birthday?

However, in the midst of his despair, a ray of light penetrates the darkness. His phone makes a soft buzz, and upon checking it, she discovers a late message from a close friend. “Happy birthday, Sofia! “I’m so sorry, I was busy all day, but I wanted to make sure to wish you a day full of happiness and love.”

Tears of sadness turn into tears of joy and relief. Even if it’s just a message, it means the world to Sofía. She realizes that she is not alone and that there are people who really care about her. Although the day did not go as she had planned, this gesture reminds her that true value lies in love and human connection.

With renewed hope in her heart, Sofia goes to bed that night with a smile on her face. Although her birthday was full of emotional ups and downs, she learned a valuable lesson: the true gift is not in material gifts, but in the sincere affection of those who truly care about you.

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