Meet “Augie,” the extraordinary 20-year-old golden retriever rewriting breed records with her timeless legacy

This lovely and well-behaved sweetheart recently had a momentous birthday celebration. The golden retriever, who is now a senior, reached the impressive age of 20. To commemorate this special occasion, she indulged in a dog-friendly carrot cake and cherished some quality time with her pet parents and golden retriever siblings. However, this birthday held significance not just for August and her family; rather, by reaching this milestone, she also achieved a remarkable feat in world history!

Meet Augie, the remarkable golden retriever affectionately known as the “golden oldie.” With his impressive longevity, Augie has earned the esteemed title of being the oldest documented living golden retriever. While it is not uncommon for a fair number of goldens to reach the admirable age of 17 or even surpass it to 18 or 19, Augie has triumphed to a remarkable milestone of twenty years, making history within the golden retriever community.

Even though Augie is quite old, she maintains good health. Augie has been coping with kidney problems for a number of years, which has slightly affected her agility compared to her younger days. However, she is still capable of moving comfortably and immensely enjoys strolling around the yard.

Augie has had a full and eventful life, with its fair share of challenges. This adorable pooch is actually a rescue dog who had to change homes not once, but twice, before finally finding her forever family.

Despite the challenges and uncertainty of moving from one family to another, it turned out to be a rewarding experience for Augie. Ultimately, she found her perfect place with Jennifer and Steve Hetterscheidt, who welcomed her into their home and became her forever family. Six wonderful years have passed since then, and Augie has been living happily with them and their other adorable pets. Augie’s deep affection for her family is undeniable, and it appears that destiny had intended for her to find them all along.

Thanks to Jennifer and Steve, Augie’s life is brimming with immense happiness and contentment. Over the past few years, her days have been brimmed with an abundance of love and thrilling adventures. Besides being fortunate enough to have several furry siblings, Augie has indulged in memorable road trips across the country, countless cozy snuggles, and endless exhilarating games of fetch in the pool.

Senior dogs often face challenges when it comes to finding a forever home. However, Augie, a lucky canine, experienced a life-altering transformation when Jennifer and Steve rescued her. Their genuine affection and utmost care have undoubtedly contributed to Augie’s exceptional journey, enabling her to flourish and achieve the astonishing milestone of reaching a remarkable age of 20! It fills our hearts with happiness to see Augie thriving, and we extend our warmest wishes to her and her family for many more joyous years together.

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