Lost Puppy Discovers His Hero on a Naval Base

Griffon is a charming little furball who never fails to put a smile on the faces of those he encounters. His story is one of luck and perseverance, as he spent months wandering the streets with no family to call his own. However, fate had something in store for Griffon when he stumbled upon an unlikely savior – a kindhearted man stationed at an overseas naval base. From that moment on, Griffon’s days were filled with love and companionship, bringing joy to all those around him.


According to a post by Paws of War, a charity organization that helps veterans and first responders by providing them with service dogs, a small dog was spotted by a U.S. Naval Commander. Realizing that the poor pup wouldn’t survive much longer in such a hazardous environment, the commander picked him up. The unit’s slogan, “Those who arrive alive, leave alive,” reminded him that it was essential to apply it to this little furry friend too. The news of Griffon, as the pup was later named, spread like wildfire on the base, and everyone wanted to meet him.


A service member holds Griffon up for the camera.

According to a heartfelt post by Paws of War on Facebook, a Commander who developed a close relationship with a puppy named Griffon while stationed in the Middle East has decided to adopt him. The post states that Griffon has become like family to the Commander and is a source of joy for everyone he meets. Although the identity of the Commander is being kept anonymous, Paws of War spokesperson Gary Baumann has confirmed that the two will soon be reunited when the Commander returns home.

According to Baumann, Griffon is an amazing dog with a friendly personality. He enjoys meeting new people and dogs, and has an insatiable appetite. Baumann reports that Griffon is doing exceptionally well. Baumann hopes to organize a reunion for Griffon and his commander who is from Maryland and eagerly waiting to welcome his furry friend home to his wife and children.

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