Left to Die: Abandoned in a Creek After Giving Birth, Weak and Alone

After Giving Birth, Weak And Thin, They Just Abandoned Her In A Creek…

The poor mama was left to die, weak and thin, in a creek after giving birth. It’s heartbreaking to think that someone could be so heartless as to abandon her like that.

Introducing Olivia! In the afternoon of October 7, 2022, the Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary received a report about a dog that was found lying in a nearby creek. Upon inspection by our rescue volunteers, it was evident that the poor little thing had recently given birth and was extremely emaciated. In fact, she was on the brink of starvation and urgently needed our help. Luckily, we were able to act quickly and rescue Olivia just in time.

Upon arriving at the location, the sight that greeted them was truly heartbreaking. They stumbled upon a female dog, emaciated and frail, unable to move. Despite being rescued, she remained extremely fearful for hours. Tragically, it was discovered that she had contracted heartworm and had abnormally low levels of both platelets and red-blood cells.

Let’s all send good vibes and well-wishes to Olivia as she goes through a 14-day isolation period to confirm she is free of rabies. Let’s hope for a speedy recovery!

It would be wonderful if we could spread the word about her story so that she can find a loving and caring family to adopt her!

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