“From Tree-Bound and Emaciated to Transformed: A Four-Year Journey”

In the beginning of this year, a vulnerable young dog discovered without any nourishment, comfort or safety was located in a tree on a farm situated in central Georgia.

This poor Pit Bull had to endure four long years of harsh weather conditions. He was left outside, exposed to the sun and rain, without proper food or water. It’s heartbreaking to see him looking so sad and emaciated, weighing only 11kg when he should be at least 20kg to compete in his race. To make matters worse, his body is covered in bruises.

Thankfully, an anonymous complaint led the Cordele Animal Shelter rescue team to search for the dog. Once found, they shared his story on social media, along with some heart-wrenching photos.

The poor little creature is in dire need of a new abode so that he can once again be with his beloved companion. The helpless pup requires urgent attention and care, and finding him a new home is a top priority for the rescuers at Cordele Animal Shelter. The pup was given the name “cocaine,” which was quite unfortunate, but thankfully, he was rescued and taken to a new home where he received the rehabilitation he needed. Today, he goes by the name Hero, as a tribute to his courage and resilience.

The adorable puppy experienced a significant change after being adopted by a new owner who showered him with love and care. Unlike his former owner, this new parent provided the pup with all the attention he deserved. The adoptive mother shared on Facebook how her furry friend settled into his new home, even enjoying a cozy bed, night lights, and a radio.

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