From Stray to Superhero: The Incredible Story of a Five-Legged Dog with Double the Love.

Introducing Mia, an adorable pup born with a rare and unique trait. She has five legs and not just one, but two tails! Sadly, her owners had to give her up as they couldn’t provide the necessary care and specialized therapy she needs.

Mia has some unique features such as extra paws and tails that are located close to her belly. Additionally, she experiences other genetic conditions like having two vaginas and two anuses, which means she uses both of them for relieving herself.

The shelter is currently seeking contributions to help cover the cost of surgery for a particular animal. However, before the procedure can be performed, more accurate x-rays and ultrasounds are needed to determine the most appropriate course of action for the necessary medical interventions.

Mia is the only puppy in her litter that has been affected by the illness. The good news is that all of her siblings have found new homes!

In 2021, Skipper the puppy was treated by a veterinarian at Neel Veterinary Hospital. The physician believed that Skipper was supposed to have a twin sibling, but the separation process was incomplete, resulting in Skipper’s unique anatomy. Skipper was born with six legs, two tails, two pelvic areas, and two reproductive systems.

It’s likely that Mia has the same birth defect since she needs to undergo two surgeries, with the first one scheduled for tomorrow. She has been receiving ongoing veterinary attention.

The most recent update on the pup is optimistic and we are all rooting for her to live a long and happy life. However, at present, aiding in her recovery is proving to be a challenging and costly endeavor.

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