“Four-Legged Friend: Heartwarming Story of a Canine Overcoming Adversity with the Help of Her Loving Owner”

A dog born with only two legs and left to die has learned to adapt to life by walking on its front legs. Meet Putol, a 6-year-old Philippine dog with a congenital malformation who is often seen running alongside other dogs and wandering the streets of Casiguran in Quezon City.

Putol, which means “cut” in Tagalog – a language spoken in Luzon, has found balance in her life with the help of her owner, Danilo Codilego Jr. The dog has become a favorite among the neighborhood due to her courage and zest for life. Mr. Codilego’s journey with Putol began when a former colleague from his job brought four puppies to him.

The rest of the puppies were all adopted, except for the little one with two legs, Putol. They thought she wouldn’t live very long. I was the only person with the strength to help her. We took a chance on her because we felt sorry for her. Besides Putol, we were speechless. Additionally, you may be interested to know that illegal dog meat trade still exists in many areas. In another story, a dog risked his life by jumping onto the tracks to save his blind owner just before the train arrived.

For the first couple of years of her life, Putol had difficulty walking. However, she eventually learned to balance on her front legs. This six-year-old dog is fiercely loyal to her owner and can often be seen guarding Mr. Codilego’s house.

According to Mr. Codilego, Putol behaves like a watchdog, barking at the sight of strangers. She also seems jealous when I pay attention to other dogs. Despite that, she is friendly and well-loved in the neighborhood. When I have to travel for work, there are no issues because everyone takes care of her.

She’s not picky. She enjoys the food we have. However, due to her condition, she’s unable to conceive a child.

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