Embarking on a miraculous seven-year odyssey, a once abandoned dog afflicted with a tumor navigated a journey from sorrow to serenity. His poignant tears of relief greeted the compassionate souls who became his rescuers, marking the beginning of a transformative chapter in his life’s narrative.

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On September 22, we received a distressing report about an elderly dog that was being mistreated. Despite our experience in animal rescue, we were shocked by the severity of the situation. This poor dog was not only chained up but also deprived of food and water, even though it was clearly very ill.

It was heartbreaking to see that this dog was suffering from bone cancer, a condition that had never been treated. What made matters worse was that it had been living on a short chain for many years, surviving on scraps and waste. This neglect had taken a toll on its health, leading to the development of osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer.

The neglect and lack of proper nourishment and vitamins have greatly affected this dog’s well-being. It is truly disheartening to witness such cruelty and disregard for an innocent animal’s life.

According to the veterinarian, this particular form of cancer is typically caused by severe damage and the resulting infection appearing as a tumor. Unfortunately, this observation is accurate, as the individual who relayed this information witnessed the dog being brutally assaulted by its intoxicated owner. The owner had kept the dog tied up and hidden in their yard for an extended period of time. The dog’s movements were severely restricted as it could only move a maximum of two feet due to the short metal chain.

However, when the rescue team asked to save the boy, the owner declined, stating that they could not remove ‘his property.’ Consequently, they sought help from the nearby police.“When we left him and went to speak with the authorities, the dog seemed to nearly cry. It took several hours, but eventually we were able to present the owner with the appropriate documents, and he had a change of heart. He stated that we wouldn’t be able to take the dog unless we reported him.”

“We have reached an agreement to provide the unfortunate dog with the necessary medical check-ups and blood testing immediately. Our son also requires an urgent amputation, and fabric samples have been sent for further examination. Despite the progress, there is still a long way to go.”

After conducting X-rays, it has been revealed that Jordan has Osteosarcoma, a severe type of bone cancer. Fortunately, there are no signs of metastasis in his lungs, which indicates a slim chance for survival. However, the tumor is rapidly expanding and causing the skin to tear due to its rapid growth.

To help Jordan overcome his sad past and remove any negative energy from his previous owner, we gave him a long bath.

“Unfortunately, we cannot provide the necessary treatment for Jordan in Azerbaijan; he needs to improve before we can move him to Turkey. His travel date will be scheduled in a few days.”

Upon arrival in Istanbul, Jordan was briefly sedated to undergo full-body X-rays before his surgery.

The amputation surgery for Jordan has been successfully completed, removing the tumor-ridden limb. Everything went smoothly.

It has been three days since Jordan’s amputation surgery. He is adapting quickly to his new life and his appetite has returned. He thoroughly enjoys our food…

Please continue to send well wishes for a speedy recovery and a long life ahead for Jordan. We all love you, Jordan…

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