Dog Slated for Euthanasia Because She Didn’t Meet Owner’s Expectations as a Guard Dog

Dog Set To Be Euthanized Because ‘She Wasn’t A Good Guard Dog’ For Her Owner

When you believe everything is lost, your luck may still somehow change.

Not every dog is as blessed as Ginger was.

She was down, written off, and facing the eternal sleep list.

Ginger’s life was a mess and she had no bright future.

You might wonder: How is that considered to be blessed?

Well, turns out that Ginger’s life wasn’t going to end after eating her final meal.

It turns out that a lady called Fortune had other plans for Ginger…

When You Least Expect It

photo of the shelter dog
Source: Sidewalk Specials
Can you imagine the feeling of being sentenced to sleep forever? 

We’ll leave out the real word for it and sugarcoat it a bit.

Still, it isn’t sweet nor would it ever be.

The feeling you get when you know it’s all coming to an end and there’s no way back is unbearable.

Hopeless. Helpless. Desperate.

That’s just how Ginger felt.

Ginger was a good guard dog. She was loyal, never aggressive to those who didn’t earn it, and the best dog she could ever be.

Apparently, that wasn’t enough for her owner.

He decided that Ginger wasn’t a good guard dog for him, as if it was up to him to decide if a dog is good or not.

Thus, he surrendered her to the shelter.

Ginger the shelter dog looking very malnourished
Source: Sidewalk Specials

Ginger was all skin and bones. Her ribs were protruding and her eyes had lost their spark.

Ginger knew her chances were low. She could only pray for a miracle.

And Then, The Miracle Happened

photo of Ginger and a man
Source: Sidewalk Specials
When people learned about Ginger, they were touched to the core. The hopeless stray got so many inquiries and financial support that all her vet bills were paid off.

One by one, miracles started happening in Ginger’s life and she wasn’t sure if she was dreaming.

Her luck changed, and Ginger finally realized that what was supposed to be her last meal was actually her last meal at the shelter.

She was finally getting a loving home! 

A kind man adopted Ginger and turned her life around 180 degrees. She got a hooman that loves her, a playful sister that looks a lot like her, and stability in life.

Ginger and an other dog with her new owner
Source: Sidewalk Specials

She got the feeling of being cherished.

She got to understand that this time, nobody is kicking her out.

And, she was beyond thankful for everything, especially her daily walkies with her new owner and her sister.

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