Canine Deemed Unadoptable Waits 800 Days in Shelters for the Ideal Family

Unadoptable Canine Spends 800 Days In Shelters Waiting For The Perfect Family

All Rusty ever wanted was a family of his own!

This energetic puppy has always been craving for someone to embrace him for who he is, but at the end of the day, that special person was missing.

Given his enthusiastic character and the most playful personality, no one expected him to stay in a shelter that long, but days were passing by, and Rusty was eventually referred to as “unadoptable.”

Soon enough, shelter became his only certainty until, one day, a giant-hearted woman walked in with a plan!

Rejected Multiple Times

the dog is standing on a green training chair
Source: Pearl’s Place
This sweet boi was surrendered to the Humane Society of Central Texas, in Waco, when he was just a puppy. From that moment on, the shelter became his only home – or at least the closest thing to one!
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Source: Pearl’s Place
He was adopted multiple times by different families and taken in by different fosters, but not a single one of these adoptions lasted! He was always referred to as a bit too enthusiastic, hard to maintain, or destructive.

The HSCT team made sure to welcome Rusty with open arms every time after being returned, but they were more than devastated to see him depressed – especially when they needed to put him back in the kennel.

Transforming Into A Cutie Pie At Pearl’s Place

smiling friends take a picture with a dog
Source: Pearl’s Place
After spending more than 400 days in Waco, the Pearl’s Place team, from Temple, Texas, stepped in! 

Lisa, one of the volunteers, felt the urge to give Rusty what he truly needed – someone who understands and accepts him for who he really is – a working dog with tons of energy to burn!

“His big goal was to find him the right home, not to change him,” Lisa told The Dodo.

Unlike other dogs, this pawdorable boi was not a lazy couch potato! He needed a lot of exercise and someone to guide him towards full socialization, which was a thorough process.

On top of all that, Rusty needed to decompress after spending half of his life in a kennel – and Lisa and the team were ready to give him all that!

“Rusty is not a dog who’s gonna lay on the couch. Now, if you want to bike 30 miles or go hiking, or go out on the lake, that’s the kind of dog he’s gonna need to be.”

two dogs run across the field
Source: Pearl’s Place
Little by little, he was transforming into a sweet lovebug! Rusty was finally learning what it meant to have siblings, and the PP team made sure to give him plenty of attention, so he finally learned what it’s like to have a hooman companion, too!

“It is wonderful to watch him think for himself and then look for guidance.  When he first arrived at Pearl’s Place he looked for guidance and expected an answer.  The little lights are starting to work in this amazing little dogs brain,” the PP team wrote on their Facebook.

The Pawfect Family Showed Up

a smiling family takes a picture with a dog
Source: The Dodo 
The staff didn’t rush to find Rusty a furever family, as they wanted to make sure he got the best fit possible – but then, the Baca family showed up!

The Bacas were looking to adopt a dog and Rusty was the first one who caught their attention. They fell in love with his cheerful personality right off the bat, but considering Rusty’s history, they first wanted to try a “foster to adopt trial.”

a smiling dog poses in front of the camera
Source: Pearl’s Place
Soon enough, Rusty adapted into the new home and became a foster fail, leaving the shelter life once and for all!

Today, he’s a happy doggo who loves his life to the fullest, just like he loves his new family!

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