A Mysterious Dog: Abused and Unwanted, Wondering Why No One is Waiting

Rescuers in Puerto Rico made a shocking discovery – a dog, later named Caci, who had endured such severe abuse that she hardly resembled a dog anymore. Her body was covered in wounds and her face was swollen. While it was clear who had inflicted this cruelty upon her, the main focus was ensuring her safety and keeping her far away from her aggressor.

The rescuers brought her in and provided the essential medical treatment she desperately needed. The doctors were cautious, uncertain if she would even survive, but they were fully dedicated to doing everything in their power to save her life.

He was responding well to the medication he had been given just a few days after visiting the clinic. The swelling on his face had significantly decreased and he started to resemble a dog again.
New York Bully Crew openly shared his story, touching the hearts of thousands of people worldwide. Everyone followed his daily progress, and fortunately, things began to improve.

As the days went by, she was gradually recovering. Playing the video brought her joy and she was coming out of her shell. Despite everything she had been through, she was a very friendly little dog. Dogs who have been abused by humans tend to be cautious and scared around people, but Caci still loved human contact and was very trusting.

I was all set to head to the New York office when I was healthy and sterilized, where I would be welcomed by the New York Bully Crew. She looks so much better now and is thriving! She’s having a blast, making new furry friends, and living her best life. All she needs now is a forever loving home, which hopefully NYBC will help her find!

In the video below, you will witness an incredible transformation. Her journey towards rehabilitation has been lengthy, yet she has always maintained her optimistic attitude. Despite her challenging experiences, she is an affectionate and resilient dog. Her story serves as a source of inspiration for all of us!

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