A Heartbreaking Sight: A Beloved Canine Struggling in Pain, Desperately Crying Out Amidst a Thorny Predicament

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, the owner of a charming dog named Thor made a shocking discovery. Upon setting eyes on Thor, they were greeted by a distressing sight – the poor canine was covered in a multitude of sharp quills. A range of vibrant yellow quills adorned Thor’s muzzle, forehead, nose, ears, and even his legs, creating a rather unfortunate situation.

When Adriano Bertoline found himself unable to afford a veterinary bill, he ingeniously started an online initiative to raise funds for his pet’s treatment. Thankfully, Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari, a kind-hearted local councillor, came forward to lend a helping hand. He not only personally drove Thor, Adriano’s furry companion, to the clinic but also generously assisted with the expenses involved.

Thor, a three-year-old canine, is believed to have engaged in a skirmish with a porcupine for the second instance within a twelve-month period, resulting in severe injuries. Following the discovery of Thor impaled with porcupine quills, Bertoline took to the internet to issue a plea for assistance to aid in the healing process.

‘Hey everyone, good morning!’ he tweeted. As I was getting up today, I came across my furry companion in such a state… Does anyone know of a clinic or vet who could lend a hand? ‘Unfortunately, I am unable to afford the expenses.’
Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari, a caring councillor, stumbled upon the plea of the dog’s owner and stepped up to offer his assistance.

On social media, Adriano expressed his gratitude for the immense kindness and support shown by Dr Apolari towards his beloved canine companion. Due to financial constraints, he was unable to seek the services of a private veterinarian, making Dr Apolari a true savior in his dog’s life. Adriano mentioned that as he currently faces unemployment and cares for four children, the councillor went above and beyond by not only taking the dog to the clinic but also assisting with the expenses. It was heartwarming for Adriano to see Thor return home, knowing that Dr Apolari had played a significant role in ensuring his beloved friend’s well-being.

Thor’s owner has reported that this is the second time their beloved dog has encountered a porcupine within a span of one year. Back in February 2021, Adriano’s friend, who happened to be employed at a private veterinary clinic at that time, came to the rescue and provided medical aid to the injured dog.

The dog’s assault on the porcupine left its well-being uncertain at that moment.

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