A Heart-wrenching Scene: A Precious Kitty’s Agony, Crying in Misery as Thorny Troubles Entangle Its Helpless Mouth

In Brazil’s Sao Paulo, a heart-wrenching incident unfolded when the owner stumbled upon their beloved dog named Thor, who was tragically impaled with a multitude of quills. Captured images reveal the dog’s furry features completely adorned with numerous yellow quills, covering his muzzle, forehead, nose, ears, and legs, forming a painful sight.

Adriano Bertoline, a man who was out of work, initiated an innovative online fundraising campaign after finding himself unable to cover a veterinary bill. Showing immense kindness, a compassionate local councillor named Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari took charge and graciously offered to transport Thor, the pet in need, to a veterinary clinic. Dr. Apolari also lent a helping hand by contributing towards the medical expenses incurred during the treatment.

Thor, at the tender age of three, is believed to have engaged in a second encounter with a porcupine in the span of a year, resulting in severe injuries. Bertoline took to the internet to reach out for assistance in nursing a quill-ridden Thor back to health.

‘Hey everyone! Waking up today, I came across my precious pup in a rather distressing state. Wondering if any kind-hearted soul out there knows of a clinic or a veterinarian who could lend a hand? Unfortunately, my financial situation isn’t ideal at the moment, so I’m unable to pay for the services.’

Upon stumbling upon this heartfelt plea, Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari, a thoughtful councillor, stepped forward to offer his assistance.

Adriano expressed his deep gratitude towards Dr Apolari, describing the veterinarian as a true guardian angel in his beloved dog’s life. As financial constraints prevented him from seeking private veterinary care, Adriano found solace in Dr Apolari’s benevolence. Sharing his current unemployment and the responsibilities of caring for his four children, Adriano revealed that the councillor not only took Thor, his furry companion, to the clinic but also generously assisted with all the necessary expenses. With immense relief, Adriano recounted how Dr Apolari eventually brought Thor back home, exemplifying the exceptional care and compassion he bestowed upon both animals and their owners.

As per the dog’s owner, Thor has had another run-in with a porcupine within a span of a year. Back in February 2021, Adriano’s friend, who was employed at a secluded veterinary clinic back then, provided aid to the injured canine.

It is currently unclear what state the porcupine is in following the dog’s attack.

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